Google’s Image FX: The Ultimate Revelation in Online Image Editing


Google’s image generator, known as Image FX, is a remarkable tool that aims to translate the language of your mind into stunning visuals. Launched in February 2024, this standalone artificial intelligence image generator is part of Google’s AI Test Kitchen. Built on top of the Image In2Model, Image FX currently supports image generation in the English language and is accessible in select countries such as the US, Australia, Kenya, and New Zealand. In this blog, we will explore the capabilities of Image FX and how it can produce photorealistic images from textual prompts.

Unleashing the Power of Image FX

Image FX promises to transcend its predecessors by not only generating high-quality images but also encouraging users to explore alternate artistic dimensions through its unique expressive chip interface. Let’s take a closer look at how it works. Imagine a scene where a solo astronaut is looking at the Earth from the surface of Mars, captivated by its beauty. With this simple sentence, Image FX can provide four distinct interpretations that will leave you amazed.

One interpretation shows a solo figure bathed in the red glow of the alien landscape, fixated on the Blue Marble floating in the vastness of space. Another version focuses on the astronaut’s helmet, reflecting the image of Earth, evoking a sense of wonder. A panoramic picture emphasizing the contrast between the empty Martian terrain and the dynamic Earth is also generated. Additionally, by using expressive chips, you can explore keywords such as “solo astronaut,” “Earth,” and “amazed,” which further enhance your image generation process.

Using Google’s Image FX

To harness the power of Image FX, you need to visit Google’s AI Test Kitchen and navigate to the Image FX experiment on the Google Labs site. The tool can be accessed via the link: It’s worth noting that Image FX is part of a suite of AI-powered tools that includes Music FX and Text FX, offering creative phrasing possibilities.

To get started, sign in to Image FX using your personal Google account. Once logged in, you can use the default image suggestion present in the left-hand window. By clicking on the descriptive phrase and pressing the tab button on your keyboard, you can generate images based on the provided prompt.

Image FX sets itself apart from other image generators by converting keywords into chips that can easily be utilized to create alternative versions of your image. By selecting a chip or modifying it, you can change the appearance of your image.

The tool also provides a series of keywords that are automatically generated based on your input. Experimentation is encouraged, and you can create custom prompts by typing your preferred terms or words into the input box on the left-hand side. Each time you generate a new set of images, they will be added to the library on the right-hand side. By clicking on the arrows, you can view earlier generations of images.

The Versatility of Image FX

Image FX opens up a world of possibilities across various domains. Let’s explore some of the potential use cases:

  • Education:
    • Image FX can assist students in visualizing complex topics that are typically described only in text. By generating simple prompts, students can better understand scientific concepts and enhance their learning experience.
  • Marketing:
    • Marketing agencies can leverage Image FX to create prototypes and visualize different product variations through simple text prompts. Designers can explore multiple options for new products by merely changing the text descriptions.
  • Accessibility:
    • Image FX is not just for the abled; it also benefits visually impaired individuals. By generating AI-generated visuals based on descriptions, visually impaired learners can access visual representations of important concepts, making textbooks more accessible.
  • Personalized Advertisements:
    • Advertising agencies can use personalized text prompts to create advertisements tailored to specific demographics. This allows companies to design campaigns that resonate with their target audiences.

The Responsible Approach

Google has developed Image FX in line with its AI principles, ensuring responsible design and usage. While Image FX is capable of generating photorealistic images, steps have been taken to ensure the safety of users and prevent the generation of problematic content. Filters are in place to avoid violent, sexually explicit, offensive, or unauthorized images, including those featuring famous individuals.

The tool has undergone extensive testing to identify and remove any harmful or problematic content. Additionally, all images generated by Image FX are marked with a digital watermark named “synthed,” designed by Google DeepMind. Although invisible to the human eye, these watermarks can be identified using Google’s internal tools.


Google’s Image FX is a groundbreaking image generator that combines the power of artificial intelligence with the creativity of its users. With its ability to generate photorealistic images and its unique expressive chip interface, Image FX opens up new avenues for artistic expression and learning. From education to marketing, Image FX offers a wide range of applications and has the potential to shape the future of visual content generation.

As we continue to utilize technology responsibly, Image FX serves as a testament to the possibilities and limitations of AI tools. Whether it’s assisting students, aiding marketers, or creating new forms of expression, Image FX is a powerful tool that empowers individuals and drives innovation.

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