Remote Server Runtuned ‘550 5.2.3 Resolver.rst.recipsizelimit

I have just notified when users inform me that they could not receive an email with the large attached files. When they send the email they got a reply back email:

The recipient won't be able to receive this message because it's too large. Remote Server returned '550 5.2.3 RESOLVER.RST.RecipSizeLimit; message too large for this recipient'

Then I try to investigate for a while, I noticed that, this issue effected with some users that I have migrated to O365. when a Onpremises mailbox want to send a mail to an Office 365 mailbox and I get the error of RecipSizeLimit; message too large for this recipient.

After that, I try to review the maximum Send and Receive size of particular user, I found the MaxReceiveSize and MaxSendSize was limited 10MB only.

Get-RemoteMailbox | Sort-Object Name | ft Name,Alias,MaxReceiveSize,MaxSendSize,RecipientLimits


However, the online users can be send and receive up to 35 MB. When a On-premises user is migrated to a Office 365 Tenant changes to a RemoteMailbox in Exchange Server, so, the attribute of MaxSendSize and MaxReceiveSize were set to 10Mb, but, there’s no CMDLet in the RemoteMailbox that changes those attributes.

Well the problem solved by changing in the adsiedit.msc an attribute called delivContLength and submissionContLength. in the user. please follow me step by step carefully ->

Open Active Directory Users and computers

Go to OU which that user located

Right click on that user -> Click Properties and change attributes value

  1. Attribute 1: delivContLenght

2. Attribute 2: submissionContLength


After editing the users attributes all came right! if you like this topic please also share to your friends and also like our Facebook page.

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