How to update the software on a computer

If you want that there is no problem with your computer, then you have to learn how to update software. Different methods have been described here for this.


Do you also have to update any software on the computer? But don’t know how to update software? Then this article is for you only.

In the computer, the user needs software to perform the tasks as per his wish. That’s why we see much software installed on the computer.

But over time, as the software becomes outdated, it slows down and Bugs and Errors appear in it, for which the company launches a new update of that software in the market to fix it.

And after updating that software, that software works better and faster than before. Then here we will tell you step by step through the process of updating software on any computer. Before this, read once how the software is made .

How to update the software on the computer?

Just like an Android Smartphone, users keep many types of software installed on their PC according to their needs and wishes. This software is also called application software.

There are two ways to update such software, first Microsoft Store and second internet browser.

How to update software from Microsoft Store?


If you are using Windows 10, then to update your Windows 10 PC, open Microsoft Store on your PC.

1. Now after coming to the homepage, you have to click on the 3 points given above on the right side of the screen.

2. Click on the option of settings from here.

3. After that the first option here is for App updates, if you want to open apps automatically then turn on this option.

4. After that come back to the home page of the Microsoft Store and click on the three Dots above on the right side.

5. Now click on the option of Downloads and updates.

6. Now a list of all those apps will appear in front of you, which are installed on your PC and you can update them.

7. Then click on the get updates button above.

8. By doing this, all the apps on your system will start installing.

9. And after all the apps are updated, the option of You are good to go will appear on the screen.

So in this way you can update the latest software from Microsoft Store on your PC.

How to update the software on any Windows computer?


People of all ages, whether children or elders, mostly install different apps on PC according to their wishes and needs, as all types of apps are not available on Microsoft Store.

So to install some third-party apps we have to use a third-party web browser.

If you have also installed any such game/app on a PC with the help of the browser. And if any new update has come in it, then to update it to the new version, you have to follow the steps given below.

1. First of all you have to come on any browser like Google Chrome.

2. Now search by typing the latest update with the name of that App in Google’s search bar. For example, if you are using Telegram’s PC app, then search ” Telegram latest version for PC ” in the search bar.

3. As soon as you do this, the official website of the telegram will appear in the result.

4. Now you visit this website and click on the download button, as soon as you do this, the latest version of Telegram will be installed on your PC.

Similarly, you can go to the internet and download the latest update of any software from its official website.

Filehippo is a secure website for downloading PC software over the Internet. You can search for any software by visiting and download its latest version.

How to update system software?


You came to your Windows computer to keep your system software updated and to check for new updates.

1. Press the Start key from your keyboard.

2. Now click on the option of All Programs.

3. Then search by typing Windows Update in the Search Bar given here.

4. Now the Window Update screen will open in front of you. So click on the check for updates option given here.

5. Now wait for some time! Your Windows computer will check for new updates.

6. Now you will see the option of installing updates on the screen. So to update your PC click on the install button given in front.

7. After doing this your computer will start updating the latest software. You may have to wait for a few minutes in this process.

Once this process is over, restart your computer and as soon as you turn it on again, you will be able to use the latest system software on your Windows computer.

Benefits of updating software


After understanding the process of software updating, you should also know about its benefits.

Security: Often over time any Bugs & Errors or security issues start appearing in any software. To fix which companies update the apps, then updating the apps makes you secure.

Latest features: Software companies keep adding new features from time to time to give a better user experience to the users. So after updating the software, you would be able to take advantage of those features.

Smooth experience: After updating the software, there is no problem like lag, or hang in the software. You can use that software smoothly.

So in this internet era, it becomes very important for any user who uses any mobile or computer to update the software.


So friends after reading this article how to update software and why is it necessary? Now you must have known very well. If you liked this post then do not forget to share it as much as possible.

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